System 4 Georgia, Columbia, and Charleston, South Carolina Partners with Nercher360 to Facilitate Pipeline Management


Nercher is excited to announce a new partnership with System4 of Georgia, Columbia, and Charleston, SC to bring live, accurate pipeline visuals to weekly sales meetings.

As part of the partnership, the leadership team at System4 will utilize Nercher360’s visual Sales Cycle and Pipeline Dashboard to track their leads through the sales process and bring clarity and actionable insights to their weekly team meetings.

System 4 is a facility management company specializing in recurring janitorial services. Whether customers need basic services or complex solutions requiring equipment and chemicals, System 4 has the experience and resources to exceed expectations.

“Our team at System 4 is excited about this partnership with Nercher,” said Justin Adler, Managing Partner at System 4 Georgia, Columbia, and Charleston, SC.

“We need simplicity in our software system that can scale with us.  The New Deals Board and Pipeline Dashboard in Nercher360 is simple and right there when I need it.  Getting this information used to take over an hour of running and building reports.”

Nercher360 gives small business leaders the actionable insight they need without running reports or dumping busy work on the staff.

“Justin and his team care deeply about providing the best service possible to their customers.  We’re thrilled that Nercher360 can play a role in helping their team recapture the time spent running reports and digging for answers so they can spend their time on what matters most” Nercher Founder & CEO Jake Milner said.

“The Nercher360 platform will help System 4 easily keep track of their pipeline and existing accounts, and communicate with their team as needed on the fly.  The visuals in Nercher360 will help ensure their team is accurately informed and the pipeline stays accurate and up to date.”


About Nercher360

Nercher360 is a CRM and Leadership platform built specifically for small businesses. The platform features guided goal setting, live performance dashboards, and a full sales pipeline/lead management system as well as a full project management system. Nercher360 gives small business teams the actionable insights they need and assists leadership staff in facilitating impactful team meetings – all without running reports or digging through data.

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