Stop Running Reports and Digging Through Data

Helping sales teams focus on what matters, forget the fluff, and keep it simple with Nercher 360.

Set Your Goals

Guided goal setting makes it easy to validate and finalize your revenue goals for the month, quarter, or year.

Easily save and publish goals for Existing Accounts, New Deals, and Your Sales Reps.

Engage Your Team

The Performance to Plan Dashboard delivers a view of your entire team in one place. View your sales vs. goals for the team as well as individuals at a glance.

Stop running reports and digging through data. Keep it simple. Simply look.

Seamlessly Integrate with Quickbooks and display real time results as you do business

Serve Your Customers

Simple snapshots provide you and your reps with quick insight into your accounts. Quick Notes and To Do lists give your reps the tools they need to stay organized and proactive.

Selling Products? Easily Invite your customers to your platform and give them 24/7 access to your digital showroom.

Understand Your Pipeline

Stop Managing and Start Leading. Give your Reps the support they need and cut out the busy work. With the help of our analysis, your sales reps can focus on what matters.

Customize your Sales Process and Simply Drag and Drop your new friends stage to stage as you work. Nercher Analytics will handle the rest.

Easily prepare for sales meetings with your entire target list visualized.

The insight you need without all the CRM busy work. Keep an accurate view of your pipeline and easily see where to focus your efforts to hit your goals.

With Nercher 360 you can be sure your sales team is focused on the right activities and spending their time on work that matters.

What You Can Do With
Nercher 360

Keep track of the Goals

Easily use last year's revenue as a starting point for planning goals for teams and individuals.

Know Your Business

Clean and Easy to use Dashboards with no reporting or manipulating data. Your team, customers, plans, and progress all organized and easily accessible.

Analyze Customers

Easily see which of your accounts are making up your business and which are falling behind plan or last year.

Nurture Your Leads

Customize your sales cycle and visualize your pipeline. Help reps decide where to focus their efforts.

Lead helpful sales meetings

MTD/YTD sales? What's expected to close? How many Leads do we need to find each month? Its all here and visualized for you. Start having real, collaborative conversations about what matters.

Simplify the Buying Process

Wholesalers and Distributors can easily communicate Order Status and give Reps and Buyers 24/7 access to their digital showroom..


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