Noble Conservation Solutions Partners with Nercher360 for Sales Process and Pipeline Management


Nercher is excited to announce a new partnership with Noble Conservation Solutions to bring live, accurate pipeline visuals to weekly sales meetings. As part of the partnership, the leadership team at Noble Conservation Solutions will utilize Nercher360’s visual Sales Cycle and Pipeline Dashboard to bring clarity and live, actionable insights to their weekly team meetings. Founded in 2007, Noble Conservation Solutions has become one of the nation’s premier turn-key energy-efficiency solutions providers for all types of commercial real estate. “The team at Noble is excited about this partnership with Nercher,” said Michael Bamonti, management consultant for Noble Conservation Solutions.

“The versatility and ease of the tool saves our team time, helps them plan their schedules, and gives them a real time picture of what stage each project is in.  The pipeline dashboard provides a detailed, yet simplistic snapshot that rolls up easily by rep or by team. The Service provided by Nercher has been world-class.  Jake took the time I needed and provided me an in-depth tutorial to set up and use the system.”

Nercher360 gives small business leaders the actionable insight they need without running reports or dumping busy work on the staff.

“Noble Conservation Solutions cares deeply about providing best in class service to their customers.  We’re thrilled that Nercher360 can play a role in helping their team focus on what matters and recapture the time spent running reports and digging for answers, Nercher Founder & CEO Jake Milner said.

“The Nercher360 platform will help Noble CS easily prepare for, and facilitate weekly team meetings with accurate information.  The visuals in Nercher360 will help ensure their team is regularly cleaning up and validating their pipeline and that the info being shared up the ladder is accurate and up to date.”

About Nercher360

Nercher360 is a CRM and Leadership platform built specifically for small businesses. The platform features guided goal setting, live performance dashboards, and a full sales pipeline/lead management system as well as an optional B2B ordering tool. Nercher360 gives small business teams the actionable insights they need and assists leadership staff in facilitating impactful team meetings – all without running reports or digging through data.

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